Increase Enterprise Value and Close More Accounts with a Scalable Outbound System

Fill your calendar with 8-20+ SQLs every month with prospects that actually fit your ICP and convert to revenue

Companies We've Worked With

RollinLeads is a direct marketing agency specializing in serving B2B firms. We focus on building outbound systems at scale which consistently produce high-quality leads that convert into revenue and closed accounts.

Our goal is to increase enterprise value by helping our clients close 2-5+ accounts each month after our first 3 months through our consulting and integration of our outbound machine.

Own Your Outbound System

We specialize in building, optimizing, and integrating our proven outbound machine directly into your current lead generation efforts. Through comprehensive training, we empower your team to confidently manage the outbound machine independently in the future.

Work With Experts

We've sent over 1,000,000 cold emails for clients spanning across various B2B sectors. We know how to funnel cold email leads into high converting discovery calls for you and your team.

No Long Term Contracts

Our typical engagement commitment period spans 3 to 6 months. At the end of this period, you'll have the option to either bring our system in-house or continue leveraging our expertise to manage and run your lead generation externally.

Defining Characteristics of Success

By managing and optimizing the top of the sales funnel, we enable your sales team to concentrate on converting and nurturing leads to closed accounts. Our approach is designed to smoothly integrate with your current systems and goals. But, there are a couple of common characteristics which we've identified in our most successful clients.

High-Ticket Offer

Including high-ticket offers in our outbound solution is crucial for success. Targeting high-value transactions maximizes revenue potential and ROI for clients, prioritizing quality leads with substantial conversion potential for higher profit margins and bottom-line impact.

Large Target Market

Our outbound solution's success is amplified with an expansive target market, we can reach over 15,000+ potential clients each month. With a large audience, we maximize conversion opportunities and growth, providing clients direct contact and exposure in their ideal market, solidifying product-market fit and fostering sustained success.

Product-Market Fit (PMF)

Direct outbound marketing relies on having a clear product-market fit for desired results. We can help you find product-market fit but it'll take time to optimize. We can make sure the deliverability and infrastructure is sound but, the success of a campaign is determined by the strength of the PMF and offer.

Our ProcessRollinLeads








Fill Out Our Onboarding Form

After signing our proposal and handling the invoice, we'll send over our onboarding form for you to fill out. This is so we can understand more about your business, sales process, and target market.

Slack Communication

After you've filled out our onboarding form, we'll setup a Slack channel to make communication much easier to manage. This is also where you'll be alerted of booked meetings, weekly campaign reporting, and anything else which may arise.

Onboarding Call

Because of the variable and often complicated outbound structures, it's important that we touch base on how cold email works, expectations, and what our relationship will look like. Our onboarding experience is very in-depth and aims to answer all of your questions as well as address potential issues before the appear.

Infrastructure Setup

This step actually takes place during 2-5 but is important to mention. Our outbound solution takes a minimum of 14 days to prepare for launch. Meaning there will be a 2 week window from onboarding to launch date. During this time we are setting up the infrastructure, building lead lists, and writing email campaigns. Alt

Campaign Launch

Once the 14 day warmup period is over & the systems have been completely setup, it's now time to move towards launching our campaigns. Before any campaigns are launched, we will share email copy and lead lists to your team for them to go over and verify our accuracy. If needed we'll setup a strategy call to discuss leads and email copy together.

Inbox Management & Booked Meetings

With the launch of our campaigns, we will start to see responses come in and will manage the inbox for you. Nurturing the positive and interested replies into meetings for your team while also disqualifying and removing uninterested contacts.

Campaign Adjustments

The perfect email campaign doesn't exist, but we fight to get as close to perfect as we can. By tweaking campaigns and testing different angles/strategies, we aim to find the highest performing email campaigns possible. You'll receive a weekly overview of our campaign metrics/results along with monthly check-in calls to go over any recommended adjustments, strategies, or ideas to improve campaign performance or test new markets.


  • Weekly Reporting
  • 1-on-1 Onboarding Support
  • Monthly Check-In Call
  • List Building
  • 1-on-1 System Training
  • Inbox Setup
  • Inbox Management
  • Personal Client Login
  • Guides & SOP's For Integration
  • Advanced Campaign Follow Ups
Schedule a CallRollinLeads
Is cold email still effective?

While many businesses have tried cold email in the past and struggled, we've perfected it. By sending over a million cold emails in many different B2B sectors, we know cold email is highly effective in generating revenue in B2B sales. We achieve an average of 70% open rates while sending outbound at impressive scale. Cold email isn't going anywhere, it's success hinges on correct expertise to ensure results.

What does this partnership entail?

We build the entire system out for you and run it alongside your team during the duration of our commitment. We train your team on how to manage and run the system from in-house. You'll have the option to either outsource and leverage or expertise or take things in-house with your trained team.

What is required from Clients?

What is required from your end varies depending on what stage we are in our partnership.

0-3 Months: Provide us with detailed information about your offer, past strategies, target market, and participate in generating high performing cold email campaigns.

3+ Months: Engage with our team by coming to monthly check-in calls and help appropriately to facilitate the ongoing process of closing new business.  

How much of a time commitment is required?  

We are flexible depending on your needs, that being said - the shortest time commitment we are able to do while confidently ensuring future success after our systems our integrated is 3 months.

What happens if the outbound system fails?

We're replicating a proven model that we know works. We can absolutely ensure that our deliverability, tech setup, and campaign strategies are sound. However, the success of outbound campaigns are reliant on correct tech setup alongside an offer which the market wants. It's important to work together with us to craft